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American Experience: The Codebreaker
Composer: Mark Suozzo.
Music Associate: Pano Fountas.


Orchestration and Music Preparation by Greg Pliska and Pano Fountas.

1805 | Official Trailer

Penitentia (2023)
drama by Chris Lawing

Upon Waking (2023)
romance by Max Rissman

Leave Your Toys (2022)
short film by Sam Barnett

1805 (2022)
short film by Dan Jacobson

How We Continued On(2021)
documentary by Chris Lawing

Liberty (2021)
short film by Chris Lawing

 Finding Light (2021)
short film by Katrina Villarreal 

Turning Back The Tide (2021)
short documentary by Catherine Devine

Tempus Viatores (2021)

short film by Cynthia Wang

NoWhereMan (2020)
short film by Chong Liu

Yeye Nene (2020) 
short documentary by Claire Poon


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